Lemony was a graphically stylistic show that was shot at 4K for Netflix original programming. Our challenges included full cg set creation, set extensions, expansive cg ocean environments, a full scale hurricane, destruction, extending camera moves and head replacement. Set extensions and head replacements were some of the most common tasks that also proved to be the most challenging. Many of the camera moves needed to be extended which also involved plate retiming as well as full plate re-projection to get the perspective to work correctly. One of my challenging shots involved the head replacement of a small child with minimal support from the matchmove department. Normal situations would provide a 3d camera and reference geometry. Due to the schedule and budget constraints, this was not possible, thus invoking the need for all of this work to be done in 2d. On top of that, the client provided multiple takes of the baby's performance that needed to be morphed together into one take and then tracked over the on-set doll's head. Plate reconstruction was done to fill in the gaps that the doll's head occluded. Nuke's 3d system was used extensively for this shot which resulted in long render times due to the amount of motion blur, shot length and 4k resolution.
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